What Do You Mean By “3D Billboards”?


It may seem to the viewer that the creative is leaping off the digital board at them when the Billboard is rendered in three dimensions. They provide an interactive rather than a passive experience, placing the onlooker squarely in the middle of the high-pressured drama. People are more likely to pause and watch the whole movie in high-traffic areas like Times Square, airports, and the Las Vegas strip.

These are the kind of sites that make for the greatest settings. Even though they have just taken off in London and the United States, three-dimensional billboards have grown quite popular in several countries in Asia, including Japan, China, and Korea. In recent years, this trend has even spread to London.

Working On 3D Billboard

The so-called “three-dimensional” billboards are just two-dimensional in reality. They are technically classified as anamorphic, which indicates that the intentional application of distortion achieves the formation of an image. When using anamorphic lenses, the picture will be unequally amplified along its perpendicular axes; nevertheless, when seen from a certain angle, the image will seem to have a flat dimension. The anamorphic effect is created via the standard animation process.

Lead Time for a 3D Billboard

In most cases, the lead time for a 3d billboard is around eight weeks; however, this estimate might shift depending on how complicated your creation is. However, executing even the most straightforward innovative idea will take many weeks. Other potential elements that affect lead time include the following:

  • The intricate nature of the deception.
  • Who is responsible for making the video?
  • The specifications for the digital out-of-home device.
  • If or whether you already own the assets, or whether you need to get them filmed.

Uses of 3D Billboards

As shown in the illustration from “Resident Evil,” they are often seen on the corners of buildings. In these cases, the corner itself is included in the creativity. Vendors may use only digital units capable of movement, and only a small percentage of digital units in each location have the appropriate proportions to produce a 3D billboard. It is essential to remember that 3D billboards are not equipped with any specialised screen capabilities. Techniques of design and manufacturing provide the basis for them.

Also, remember that safety should come first: billboards should be placed in areas where it is safe for someone to stand and watch the video. For example, you do not want people to halt in the middle of a roadway to acquire the greatest possible vantage point to gawk at the advertisement.

Other Tips for Creating the Most Effective 3D Billboard

It is always creativity that determines whether or not a campaign is successful. The quality of your idea will directly correlate to how well it will perform. However, the importance of locating a decent site that is frequented by a large number of people cannot be overstated. Other factors to bear in mind include the following:

  • Maintain consistent contact with the agency or vendor to verify that your files are in the appropriate format and provide enough lead time.
  • Examine several working examples of 3D boards to gain inspiration and figure out what does and does not work.
  • Remember that this is intended for pedestrians and not drivers of motor vehicles.

Include a call to action at the end of the film that encourages viewers to share their thoughts on the event on social media to assist you in increasing awareness of your Billboard.


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