Things to Check Out When Searching for a Commercial Pressure Washer


While pressure washers simplify most cleaning services at home, they also contribute a lot to simplifying cleaning services in commercial establishments. However, choosing a pressure washer for home duties can be simpler than choosing a commercial pressure washer. That is why this perfect guide provides a detailed illustration to help you choose the best commercial pressure washer.

Selecting the Right Commercial Pressure Washer.

Before you buy a commercial pressure washer, you have to be sure it will greatly help the company and accomplish the desired tasks. There are distinct types of pressure washers in the market that provides excellent services. However, the degree of their service delivery is what matters. That is why it is significant you consider the following aspects before you pick a pressure washer for your company.

The nature of the job

Different commercial businesses require different degrees of cleaning services, as explained below.

  • Commercial Jobs

These types of cleaning are the toughest and require strong and heavy-duty machines. In most instances, they are used in jobs such as washing off graffiti, removing paints, cleaning construction sites, and cleaning fleets of vehicles. As you can see, such cleaning services require high-powered engines of up to 3200 – 42oo PSI to execute their functions effectively.

  • Semi-commercial Jobs

These are semi-heavy tasks that require a good amount of pressure to remove dirt. For instance, when cleaning decks, vehicles, boats, and sidings of both business & home establishments. An appropriate pressure washer to suit these types of tasks is a gas-powered one that can emit the power of up to 2000 – 3100 PSI. Ensure when you choose a pressure washer for this type of task, it should have strong materials that can resist a lot of pressure and are durable enough to last longer.

  • Residential Jobs

Sometimes, you can have a pressure washer mainly for hiring out. When called out to offer cleaning services, you might be tasked to clean areas like private vehicles & cars, grills, railings, windows, the yard, outdoor furniture, verandas, decks, and many other places at home to enhance a clean environment. For such tasks, you will need an electric-powered pressure washer that is portable and light in weight for easy movements. When buying such a pressure washer, go for one that emits the power of up to 1300 – 1900 PSI with different nozzles you can easily change according to the needs. Other small attachments such as wands, power cords, and hoses vary in size for easy changing. Also, consider a pressure washer that has an extra tank for chemicals and detergents for easy operations.

Note: Although gas-powered and electric-powered pressure washers can offer professional services, always consider the gas-powered ones for commercial purposes due to high pressure.


With this detailed guide, you no longer need to experience a tough hassle trying to compare different pressure washers for different purposes. Instead, you only need to define its purpose, care & maintenance, and the perfect PSI required for specific tasks.


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