Negative effects of marijuana legalization

In recent years cultural beliefs about cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes have shifted, making it an acceptable drug in society. Different camps of individuals predict different implications the drug has on the users. Various adverse effects correlate with marijuana legalization.

Addiction. Greater accessibility to marijuana leads to its increased usage. A growing perception among people is that using marijuana does not result in its dependence. However, data shows that ten percent of cannabis users become addicted to marijuana after one year of its use. Moreover, today’s weed contains higher levels of THC when compared to pot in the past making it more addictive to frequent users.

It leads to teenage use. As more countries legalize marijuana, so do more teenagers begin using it. Its legalizations result in easier accessibility whereby a teenager can mail order weed in Canada, which sees thirty to forty percent more teenagers starting to smoke it in high school.

Marijuana use increases the risk of schizophrenia and other psychotic conditions. Smoking weed may provide relief for a short period, but in the long-run, it predisposes you to mental illnesses. Its exposure alters the brain chemistry thereby inducing schizophrenia and increasing the likelihood of suffering from psychotic disorders for young users.

It declines cognitive functioning. Heavy use of marijuana from an early age such as adolescence causes harm to the brain. A user suffers impaired executive functioning, memory loss, low IQ, declined reasoning capability and impaired comprehension of verbal communication.

It increases car crashes. Legalization of weed makes more people abandon drinking alcohol for marijuana. More users end up at the back of a steering wheel, and due to impaired cognitive functioning, they cause numerous car crashes.

Legalization of marijuana in Hamilton and other cities across the Canada may be the win most weed lovers hope to achieve. However, its usage opens the gates to various adverse effects detrimental to a user. Thus, approach legalization with caution.

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